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What is your Gift?

The Christmas season is officially over. After all the preparation and planning, we are moving forward in the liturgical year. Some churches are shedding their decorations, removing their Christmas trees and storing the manger for another year. As I look around my neighborhood, I see fewer lights and definitely a minimum of Christmas trees still standing. Ours is still up because we are having a delayed family celebration in a few days. I always call it “Petit Noel.” I know it is after the Epiphany, but, I can still call it that—thus keeping the spirit going for a little longer!

I have been reflecting on Christmas and what it means to me. I would encourage you to do the same! What can we carry away from Christmas that will give us impetus for spiritual renewal? What symbol of the season can we hold onto that will provide us with some direction? I don’t think that we are meant to experience Christ in the manger and then forget that anything happened. There are so many lessons to be learned from Mary’s yes, Joseph’s acceptance and Jesus’ coming into our world. (more…)


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