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The Jesus Effect

Jesus Christ-077Most of us are still basking in the memories of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. What a glorious time for Catholics, for families and for the world at large! One cannot erase the memories of Francis riding in his pope-mobile, greeting President Obama, embracing the children, speaking before Congress and walking up the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There are so many images that they must be compartmentalized and categorized in our minds.

No matter our memories, it is the messages that ring out loud and clear. We cling to his words about social justice, compassion, empathy, and embracing one another. The Golden Rule takes on new meaning and has become our mantra. We have renewed interest in his four American exemplars. No doubt Amazon saw an increase in sales of books by Thomas Merton. Hopefully, there is a greater awareness of the Catholic Worker Movement in our country and beyond. When we are ready to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January, we will remember the words of Pope Francis. Lastly, the contributions of Abraham Lincoln will resonate more deeply in our hearts as Americans and lovers of equality. (more…)


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