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Lessons Learned

We often hear the term “life-long learners.” That is especially true in the education field. Many schools and districts have something pertaining to life-long learning in their mission statements. It is definitely something of value to aspire to.

We can be life-long learners of texts and materials, but we can also be learners of the world around us. That is just as important. To learn from the world and those around us is a gift to be treasured. New doors can be opened for us and self-discovery can be the bonus.

I recently took a trip to Quebec City for a convergence of Lay Assumptionists from three areas. We met at Montmartre, the Assumptionist facility in Québec, and we were hosted by Alliance members from that region. What a wonderful and meaningful gathering! I have been reflecting on the experience ever since.

I took away many things from the trip, but I would like to share three key remembrances with you. They have to do with hospitality, energy and consecrated religious. Those sound like such random topics, but they all have something to do with what I experienced. (more…)


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