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A Sign of Hope

After the very difficult winter that we have experienced, the actuality of spring is a true joy! It doesn’t matter if the weather is still cold or even if we see a few flakes. Dare I say that? The fact is—spring is beginning.

There is something so hopeful about that distinction on the calendar. One can almost envision the flowers blooming and the birds chirping. It is a mindset. We expect good things, and they eventually will happen. We are willing to be patient because we know the outcome.

In some ways, the same can be said about Lent. Despite its bareness, its starkness, its austerity, Lent is a hopeful season. We don’t often think of it that way, but it is. We function in a spirit of sacrifice and penance. Yet, we do so knowing that, in the end, we will be celebrating the joy of the Resurrection and the splendor of the risen Lord. (more…)


Watch and Pray

The other day I was driving in my car listening to the Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio. A Catholic sister was on talking about Lent. She said that we shouldn’t view Lent as the Catholic Church’s “weight loss plan.” I actually chuckled out loud! That really struck me.

There is certainly nothing wrong with giving up things—food in particular—during Lent. What we must remember is why we are giving it up. Is it to bring us closer to God? Is it to offer up something we love in a spirit of restraint? Is it to call to mind Jesus’ own fasting in the desert?

My “plan” this Lent is to give of my time. I am reminded of the importance of time constantly in my daily life. There never seems to be enough of it! In a spirit of Lenten sacrifice, I want to focus on how much time I am giving the Lord and how much time I am offering others. (more…)

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