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Planning Your Journey

Some people are wonderful planners! They are fastidious about preparations, especially when it deals with a trip or vacation. They map things out, make travel arrangements in plenty of time and do all the necessary prerequisite activities to ensure a smooth trip. I am not one of those people! Fortunately, I am married to one. My husband has folders within folders when planning a trip. I merely serve as his secretary—making a call here and there, paying bills and keeping track of his folders!

I propose that we look toward Lent as a trip in itself. It is in some regards, a forty-day journey of great importance. It leads to the greatest moment in our lives as Christians. It leads to the moment that is our redemption and our salvation. We need to travel this journey carefully, so that it will bring us to where we want to be. We must walk the walk of sacrifice, follow the map of penance and stay the course of prayer. (more…)


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