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Connecting with God

This morning, when I turned on my iPad, I wanted to check my email. I was told to “join a network.” Obviously I had lost my internet connection. That often happens on a computer too. You are directed to “connect to a network.” It all sounds so friendly—“join,” “connect,” or “choose a network.” It’s as if they want us to connect and belong. That’s all well and good until we experience frustration over a slow connection or the inability to find a network. That’s when our patience is put to the test. We accept it, though, as part of what we do in this era of technology and social media.

This got me thinking. Our ability to connect with God is so much simpler! We don’t have to connect to a network; we already are connected to His network. All we have to do is ask for His help, call Him in prayer and seek Him in our hearts. The point is we need to reach out to God. He is always there waiting for our knock. (more…)


Honoring Labor

It used to be that Labor Day marked a transition for most of us. It was the beginning of the school year and the official end of summer. These days, schools start at various times during the end of August and the beginning of September. Labor Day is still a guidepost for the end of summer activities and the projection of cooler days in the fall. Most families have their end of summer cook-outs on Labor Day and their final summer festivities on that day. My Labor Day consisted of a visit to a local Country Fair and a family cook-out on the lake. It was both fun and bittersweet knowing that leisure times were over and schedules and routines would take their place.

Labor Day became a federal holiday over 120 years ago. It was introduced as a day of celebration for laborers and was initiated by the labor unions of that time. It has been celebrated in various manners since then. (more…)

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