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I was sitting on the beach with my youngest grandson, Mac. He was sitting amid a pile of rocks and throwing rock after rock as far as he could. It wasn’t very far—because an almost two-year old doesn’t have such a strong arm. He was happy as could be, though. What more could a little one ask for? The beach. The rocks. Throwing things. That’s bliss! (more…)


The Message of Pentecost

What causes you fear? Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of stepping out of your comfort zone? Fear of public speaking? We all have different fears, and they may change from day to day depending upon a situation. One of my fears is failing to do an excellent job at a task I have been given. I am an over-achiever, and always have been. We are often called “type A” people and that can be a burden. Harry Truman told us that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When you think about it that is so true! (more…)

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