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Signs are Everywhere

After the winter that wouldn’t end (and I’m not sure it has), we need to find solace and joy in the signs of spring. The other night I was on my deck and heard the sound of tree frogs croaking. It was like a joyous melody and cacophony of happiness. The continual sound was a symphony of spring to my ears. While walking into church last Sunday, I saw a multitude of crocuses erupting from the soil with their heads of yellow and purple standing erect toward the sun. It brought a smile to my face. Even when I am walking in my neighborhood, I delight in seeing all the spring wreaths that festoon the doors of my friends. There are the wreaths made of dried flowers and grasses; those made completely of jelly beans that are so tempting to the children in the household; and those made of Easter eggs either speckled or in their pastel colors.

Like these signs of spring, we have our Christian signs of Holy Week and Easter that also bring with them feelings of solace and joy. They carry with them cause for reflection, prayer and rejoicing. They are at the heart of who we are as Christians. They represent what we stand for as an “Easter people” and what we need to emulate as followers of Jesus. (more…)


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