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Open your Eyes to the Light

Chances are, you are reading this blog on some electronic device and are reading it from either the Assumption web site or the Word Press web site. So, you already grasp the value of the internet and social media. You have, hopefully, found the balance between too much technology and “just enough.”

I have heard numerous homilies on the dangers of excessive technology use. How often has our homilist cautioned, “go without the computer for a day,” or “turn off the Smart phones, which aren’t making you smart”?

I agree with these admonitions, in part. However, I want to present the other side—the good side of technology. Due to a recent injury, I have been side-lined from my usual busy lifestyle. I have been housebound for longer than I had hoped! Aside from the frustration this has incurred, there has been a silver lining (albeit a very thin one, I have to admit). I have been able to reflect and pray more this Lent. I have found my own desert spaces in the quiet of my home office. I have been able to read more, and I have been able to search the web for spiritual nourishment. I have to say, I have found it! (more…)


Your Lenten Wordle

If I asked you to do a word association for “Lent,” what might you come up with?  You would probably say things like forty days, sacrifice, Ash Wednesday, purple vestments, fasting, abstinence, Stations of the Cross and journey.  There could be numerous others.  In fact, there are.  I did a Google search for Lenten images and came upon several Lenten wordles.  A “wordle” is like a word collage with specific words used focusing on one word or theme.  The words are placed horizontally and vertically in varying sizes, fonts and colors.  It is a visual word splash. (more…)

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