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Keep the Bells Ringing

We associate so many things with our senses.  A simple aroma can trigger a thought or reminiscence.  Whenever I smell hamburger cooking, I think of my grandmother.  I have a mental picture of her cooking hamburger in her small kitchen for a casserole she was preparing.  It is a fond and lingering memory.

There are numerous smells and sounds of Christmas that we cherish as well:  the pine smell of our Christmas tree, the sweetness of sugar cookies baking, the melodic sound of Christmas music, and the sound of the ringing of bells.  There is the rhythm of the Salvation Army bell, the jingling of bells on a sleigh and the resonance of church bells at Midnight Mass.  We cherish these sights and sounds and hold them close to our hearts. (more…)



My son and daughter-in-law were visiting recently with their two month old daughter.  Whenever she fussed, which wasn’t often, my son would do this little ritual of standing and bouncing her slowly while doing a “sh-sh” sound in her ear.  It did the trick!  I didn’t tell my son that I had a similar routine for baby soothing also. (more…)

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