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Hospitality—the Ultimate Service

Summer is a time for outdoor barbecues, family reunions, boat rides with friends and drinks on the porch.  It speaks to hanging out, just chilling and renewing connections with family and friends.  The above activities mean that we have slowed down enough to make connections with others.  (more…)


Leave Room for God

I went to a Catholic high school.  It was an all-girls’ high school.  Similarly, there was an all-boys’ Catholic High School in our town, too.  The boys’ high school would hold monthly dances in their gym, which were chaperoned by the teachers, many of whom were Christian brothers.  Whenever there were slow dances and couples might be dancing a bit too close (not me, of course!), the brothers would say “leave room for the Holy Ghost.”  Couples usually separated and maybe “got together” a few dances later. (more…)

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