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There’s a Monastic in Each of Us

On October 15th, the church celebrated the feast of St. Teresa of Avila.  This feast day gave me much pause for thought.  Having some connection with Carmel in my early years, I always feel a love for Teresa of Avila.  She was born in Spain in 1515 and spent much of her life writing about doctrine and the mystical life.  She is considered a Doctor of the Church.

Thinking of Teresa made me also think about the monastic life.  What connections, if any, have you had with a monastic?  What can we learn from Teresa and from modern monastics? (more…)


Angels, Angels, Everywhere!

As a child growing up in a fairly devout Catholic family, I remember the picture of the guardian angel that hung in the nursery of our two-story tenement.  The angel was lovely with a soft face, expansive and delicate wings, and an expression of kindness and concern on her face.  She was standing over two little children, a boy and a girl, as they walked across a little bridge that appeared to emerge out of nowhere.  No doubt you’ve seen a similar picture, or you have fond memories of your own guardian angel picture. (more…)

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