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This week I did something I don’t often do.  I looked ahead to Sunday’s readings.  I know this is a good practice, and one I should adhere to more often.  It is a way to be somewhat proactive with our Mass participation.  We can reflect on what is to come and be prepared to get new insights on the readings when we attend the Sunday liturgy.  In our daily lives, we spend much time in preparation of things:  preparing a meal, preparing a shopping list, preparing for a class, preparing the house for upcoming visitors.  The list could go on and on.  So, why not prepare for Mass?




Do you remember what it was like on the first day of school each year?  I had the opportunity to share in that sensation vicariously through my grandson this week.  I was at his house while he was getting ready and preparing to take the bus on the first day of first grade.  Fortunately, he was all smiles and very excited.  He was wearing his new shirt, had a new haircut, and displayed a special name tag.  (more…)

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