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A Recurring Theme

If you are like me, you must find that emails have a way of multiplying and getting out of hand.   The messages are like weeds in a garden.  After awhile, we have to do something about them.  I can remember when I first started emailing years ago. There were lots of personal messages that I really looked forward to receiving.  Now, other than business messages, there are ads, newsletters, news briefs and on-line communities to read about.  There comes a time when one must “delete.”  This is my time. (more…)


The Olympic Spirit

Many of us have been consumed by the Olympics over the past week and a half.  We have watched event after event, cheered on our favorite athletes, and digested every morsel of Olympic trivia that we can consume.  We have become exhilarated by some of the successes and deflated by the sadness of some of the failures.

There is nothing wrong with this Olympic-mania!  It incites our feelings of patriotism.  It promotes our sense of the global village.  It encourages us to appreciate discipline and persistence.

Perhaps we can take a lesson from this experience—despite its magnitude and pomp.  There are things to be learned from the dedication of the athletes to the symbolism of the medal ceremonies. (more…)

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