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Verdant Pastures

I know I should be looking ahead to this coming Sundays’ gospel readings.  However, I can’t seem to let go of last Sunday’s readings.  It seems to me that when we “reflect” it’s an act of going back.  One of the definitions of the word reads:  “to cast back light.”  That is a good way of looking at the gospels and how we can reflect on them.  We listen to the gospel at Mass; think it over; and try to make sense of it in our own lives.  We try to cast that light of their beauty to others. (more…)


A Family Wedding Feast

Those readers who are not new to my blog, know that I delight in family events and in my family.  As a wife, mother and grandmother, I have much to be thankful for.  The Lord has blessed me many times over!  My life is always full with family commitments and family events.

At the end of June my son was married to a lovely young woman.  It was a beautiful wedding!  The bride and groom were not selfish about the “limelight.”  They didn’t need to have the entire focus of the wedding be on them.  They graciously asked their young niece and two nephews to be in the wedding party.  Sam and Will were the ring-bearers and Sophie was the flower girl.  Any couple who allows children to be in the spotlight at their wedding has to be a generous pair! (more…)

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