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Processions and Blue Organza Dresses

When I was a young girl the month of May was a big deal!  I attended the local “parochial” school, and we were all about May shrines and May processions.  We even sang a song that began:  “C’est le mois de Marie; c’est le mois le plus beau” (It is the month of Mary; it is the most beautiful month).  Indeed, it was! (more…)


A Sincere Heart

I always start each day with a brief reflection from Catholic Digest called “A Quiet Moment.”  The reflection for May 1st was a proverb:  “A sincere heart can make a stone blossom.”   That reflection was quite significant to me in light of the recent passing of one of the curates from our parish.

Father Philip Bonvouloir, A.A. passed away on Saturday leaving behind a void for his parish family and his family of Assumptionist brothers.  Actually, it isn’t really a void because Father Phil’s legacy will live on.  It is a legacy of caring, living out his priestly life to the fullest, and living a God-centered life rooted in the reality of this world.  (more…)

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