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A Marathon and Spirituality

In a previous blog, I told you about one of my favorite spiritual writers, James Behrens, OCSO.   There is an essay in his book, Grace Revisited, which is particularly moving to me.   The essay is called “Andy’s Diner.”  In this vignette, Behrens equates spirituality with the goings-on of the diner.   He tells the reader about certain customers who frequented the diner and what they shared with each other.  He points out the generosity and openness of the proprietor.  He goes so far as to say:  “There was something sacramental to it all.  Those people gave me something that made me think about and long for the truth and experience of God.” (more…)


Don’t Be Alone on your Journey

This is considered the holiest of weeks for Christians.  How often have you heard that already?  What does this week really mean for us?  How can we give it meaning?  I think we need to give it value through our daily actions and by wrapping ourselves in the stillness of the week.  (more…)

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