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Falling Leaves – Uplifted Hearts

It’s official!  Fall is here.  The “autumnal equinox” has come and gone, and the calendar keeps marching ahead.  As a New Englander through and through, I have always loved this season:  the vibrant foliage, the apple picking, the crisp mornings.  It’s something I wouldn’t want to give up.  It keeps me going; it brings me life! (more…)


Labor Day: A Time of Celebration and Transition

For many years, I viewed Labor Day as a time of transition.  I was in education, and Labor Day was the demarcation line between summer vacation and the start of school.  There was something both sad and energizing about this time.  I was sad to see the leisure days of summer come to an end, but I was energized thinking about my new students with all of their hopes, dreams, and challenges.  Experiencing Labor Day was like experiencing New Year’s Day in the middle of the year. (more…)

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